Nova Totius Americae Nova Descriptio - #2385

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DATE: c1116.

MAP MAKER: Frederik de Wit.

SIZE: 21 3/4" X 17 5/16"

PRICE: $ 4250.00


Frederik de Wit (1629 -1706 ).
   Born in Gouda, de Wit moved in 1648 to nearby Amsterdam where he established  his printing business 6 years later. When still in his teens, he started drawing maps and town plans published in particular by Antonius Sanderus (Flandria Illustrata). Soon he printed his own maps, wall maps, and Atlases (starting in 1662, containing up to 151 maps and charts)
In 1671 he issued his large folio "Atlas Maior".
Four years after de Wit's demise, his plates were auctioned to the famous printing company "Covens & Mortier". Which resold  them to Louis Renard (who published them under his name). Renard later resold them to the Ottens Brothers (map publishers till the mid XIIIth century).

Nova Totius Americæ Descriptio.     c1666
   This large uncommon "carte à figures" (21 3/4"  X 17 5/16" ) was definitely derived from quite a few works by other mapmakers. The vignettes are directly copied from the 1614 America map by Pieter van den Keere. The "California island" delineation is inspired by his contemporary British peers.
It was printed on very strong paper to be sold as an separate item. However some examples (like the present item which was folded after being hand colored) found their way into Atlasses (such as the 1659 "Zee Atlas" by Hendrick Doncker).
The date of its printing is not known, but is generally given as 1666.
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